3 Features That Make Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise Similar

Running an online business is different from the physical store. The offline marketing can cost you more money because it requires bricks and mortar to start. Also, you need staffs to manage the business. For an e-commerce business, you only need a great online store and a smartphone to get started. Two giant enterprise e-commerce platforms can help you create a store with advanced features. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise are the leading platforms. However, they do not offer the same users’ experience. But some features make these platforms look similar. Here they are:


Scalability is an essential feature of your enterprise e-commerce website. It will enable the site to grow. Most of the websites encounter challenges of crashing due to lack of this feature. Shopify plus can provide you with scalability feature. This platform is fully hosted to handle any level of traffic. With this, you can run your business successfully without worries of losing your business data. Another scalable platform is the Magento enterprise. Although the scalability feature comes at a cost, your site can manage high traffic.


The only way to avoid losses in your business is by providing a high level of security. This business world is full of fraud cases. Thus, hackers can target any website. To ensure that your site is safe, you need to select Shopify plus or Magento enterprise. The Shopify plus will host your site on the reliable server to prevent hackers from destroying your site. Also, it comes with PCI and SSL features to assure your customers of protection during payment. The Magento enterprise does not come with the security feature. You will be responsible for ensuring that your site is safe and secure. Also, it will provide you with the freedom to select a hosting provider. With this, you will choose one that will protect the website from fraud cases.

Mobile responsiveness

Shopify plus is a leading platform with the mobile-friendly feature. It comes with over 100 responsive themes to allow you to create a website that supports all devices.  Also, Shopify plus has a mobile APP SDK to enable customers to use the mobile device during the check-out process. Magento enterprise is not much behind. It also has responsive themes to allow customers to view your site using any screen size.

Wrapping up

To increase sales and run a successful business, you need to select an enterprise e-commerce platform with advanced features. Magento enterprise and Shopify plus play a crucial role in enhancing your business growth. Their only difference is that Magento enterprise is an open source platform and Shopify plus is self-hosted.

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